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In a world where a commoner’s voice often goes unheard and ultimately, suppressed amidst the chaos, it is imperative to set that voice free and make it ring loud and strong. While the fear of fabrication looms the clear, unadulterated thoughts are in constant danger of being obliterated. This is where The Unfiltered Journal comes in. 

We talk. We inform. We share.

The Unfiltered Journal is an online platform for Unbiased News updates, Law updates, Seminars, Workshops. The website also calls for Blogs and Publications for the people who have compelling ideas and opinions but no platform. 

TUJ intends to bring students, teachers, journalists, lawyers, Judges and common people together where no thought fades into the background. Focusing on the impact of law and media in the present world, this journal strives to bring out stories with their innate rawness and vulnerability that mirror the present society.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put together the two powerful fields in making the readers aware of their basic rights and giving people a platform to voice their opinions, problems and issues without the fear of them being drowned out. By presenting news pieces in an unbiased manner, we give the readers the option to form their own opinion without any influence.
TUJ works every day to bring out stories of the masses pressed under social and legal issues, into the forefront in the form of interviews and articles. The stories of people who make subtle but powerful differences in the society and work towards doing more are inspiring and we aim to give them a pace of honour in this website.
Further, The Unfiltered Journal also presents legal cases with factual details that raises important questions and issues that have the ability to provoke society’s thoughts.

Our Vision

In the near future, The Unfiltered Journal determines to combine legal aid and pro bono cases so that every individual in need of legal help is taken care of. We also plan on conducting seminars and panel discussions addressing the pressing issues in the society across various sectors.
Keeping the importance of mental health in mind, TUJ also plans on providing an interactive corner for people to express their thoughts in the form of creative poems, stories and artworks. This section will be a constructive step forward in prioritizing mental health and wellbeing.
Moreover, The Unfiltered Journal is also working on helping to publish blogs and papers of the people whose voice resonates within every mind and with the ability to make a positive impact with their words.