Emergence of pandemics: A common phenomenon in these times!

We have been part of a tumultuous journey where we have been able to conquer our hold over deadly epidemics like Zika, Ebola and SARS. A sage scientist recently stated that the coronavirus might be living with us forever in some or the other form. But, the current pandemic has gotten all of us plugged in our houses and it has changed our lifestyles completely. The chaos and mayhem caused on social media surrounding the pandemic has questioned the brevity of our lifestyles, health care and many other areas.  We have been revolving around the whirlpool of social distancing, masking and sanitizing. But, many of us still are lagging behind in following this circle of safety. The WHO states that the coronavirus would last for at least two years just like the Spanish flu. Even though we are living in the twenty first century where we have enriched our lives with the buzz of technology but we still are unable to tackle a deadly virus which has gotten a strong hold on our ever evolving world. There are several reasons behind why spread of pandemics like Covid-19 can become a  common phenomenon in the coming future, urbanization, global warming, rising sea levels, contagious diseases from animals, increase in greenhouse gas levels are just a few . The spark risk and the spread risk can shape a pandemic. In the future we will be easily seeing outbreaks of deadly viruses turning into wild epidemics and pandemics.

Increase in Urbanization which has also led to felling of trees and has wiped out forest land had led to an imbalance in our ecosystem, the invincible increase in population is one of the major factors as well as the increase in pandemics is in correlation to the increase in population. Increased connectivity and mobility contributes to the risk in increase of deadly infectious diseases. According to many experts rise in air travel is one of the many reasons behind the sudden increase in the number of corona virus patients. Climate change, even after all the hue and cry it will be a factor which will be a playing a major role in watering the increase in pandemics. The years between 2030 and 2050 will have a majority of deaths being caused by malaria and dengue and the reason behind this phenomenon would be climate change. Scientists state that the ice melting in arctic regions is giving life to many deadly viruses which have been frozen in the ice from many years. As viruses cross the specie barrier due to increase in animal-human connection it has led to an increase in zoonotic diseases which has actually been the major reason behind the epidemics which have crossed our path.

As the virus mutates a single vaccine won’t really be the one step solution. Updated vaccines will be the need of the hour according to researchers and scientists. Covid-19 has alarmed the world with its disastrous streak. The viral age of pandemics will soon turn out to be disastrous on the world if we don’t take needed action.



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