Media: Limitations of story coverage

Our mornings generally start with a dose of news, most of us have subscribed to numerous YouTube channels or follow many social media sites on Instagram and Facebook which keep us updated with the latest happenings around the world. The media never fails to intimidate us be it a global crisis, politics or even haute couture, they have got the latest updates on each and everything. But many a times many media outlets fail to cover many issues. Areas affected by wild weather such as cyclones and tsunamis tend to get less coverage as these stories become hard to cover due to the drastic conditions and the untamed circumstances. These days you find many news and media outlets using drone footage which is not only found to be easier but also more feasible. Technology has always played a crucial role and its advancements can be definitely seen in the developing world where it is seen giving a tough competition to mankind. Many factors play a crucial role in barring the media from covering a plethora of stories.

The fear factor has a crucial role to play in this situation, certain issues which need to be covered by media require a strong courage .Political implications can also restrict media outlets from showcasing certain news features and this can add up to the long list of uncovered data. The notion of censorship also pays a huge role here, many news agencies and media outlets are put under acute pressure from organizations to not showcase a certain story. In many cases the topics being covered are quite sensitive and hence are not shared with the viewers. Eventually many agencies spike the news feature or do not show the true story at all. Also, covering the latest developments is a lengthy task which consists of tedious work. To keep on giving the audience some trendy tea which is accompanied by their hot cup of coffee is not a cake walk, it requires man power and is time consuming, it requires a great deal of patience and also needs a lot of research.

Viewers expect news to be delivered and updated on time and many media houses fail to meet the audience’s demand. They end up delivering inaccurate information which sometimes turns out to be fake or the data being shared by them is wrong which also leads to a slump in the quality of content and can hamper the ratings of the media house.

Media outlets require a strong audience but when the viewers become unresponsive the news agencies and media companies lose their drive to showcase the latest stories. A news agency with low ratings can easily roll down from the viewers’ top picks. Even though journalist risk their lives, go out of their way and have scaled heights in covering the latest events by dodging their fears, but still they do face certain obstacles in their day to day lives which bar them from covering the current developments.






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