Peru President escapes parliamentary impeachment vote amid corruption allegations

Peru’s congress wasn’t successful in impeaching President Martín Vizcarra on Friday on the grounds of “moral incapacity.” Vizcarra confronted the impeachment hearing notwithstanding his appeal to delay the legislative’s attempts to eliminate him from his office, which was dismissed by the nation’s constitutional court on Thursday.

The motion to impeach Vizcarra received backing from 32 of Peru’s 130 congressmen for expelling the president, missing the mark of the two-thirds majority needed to eliminate him from office. The proceedings were started a week ago after the opposition delivered proof that Vizcarra ordered “subordinates to lie to prosecutors about a minor-influence peddling scandal.”

However, the charges of “moral incapacity” emerged from reports in May claiming that Vizcarra went into unreliable government contracts with a lesser-known pop artist and political ally, Richard Cisneros. Vizcarra disputed that the opposition initiated impeachment vote out of indignation regarding the president’s move to disintegrate the previous congress a year ago.

Pressures were intense during the political fight, as Peru is experiencing an economic recession because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Key congressmen offered Vizcarra support after the proceedings started, thinking that the nation needs security during this time. During the meeting, Vizcarra delivered a speech to Congress, shielding himself against the charges and encouraging the lawmakers to zero in on the “real challenges” that the nation is confronting.

Vizcarra will serve out the remainder of his term, which closes in July 2021.

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