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Harley Davidson’s leave is flabbergasting for India!

American Bike brand Harley Davidson announced its official goodbye on September 24 in India, its sudden leave has not only surprised the industry but also the consumers. It has approximately sold 25,000 bikes in India and was one of the best street bikes which gave a good mileage.

According to reports Harley Davidson was facing huge losses in the beginning of this year and for the month of August they had only sold around 176 units in India. This plan of ending sales and production in India is part of their ‘rewire strategy’. Under the rewire strategy it will focus only on existing markets. It has been facing many financial anomalies due to which it decided to quit its production and supply chain in India. It had started giving hints in the beginning of September when it was giving jaw dropping discounts to its customers.

Initially it was reported that it was planning to partner up with a company to reduce the financial burden but looking at the deep financial loses Harley Davidson decided to end production. It has reported a $96 million loss in the last few months and is now planning to work in only selective markets around the world. But, for the existing customers in India it will continue to provide sale services based on its contract and the company also stated that the spare parts of the bikes would be available in the coming years.

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