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India and Israel join hands for advanced weaponry

Talks have been going on between India and Israel as they might soon partner up for designing hi-tech weaponry by starting new projects of designing expensive and advanced weapons which can be exported to other friendly nations. Israel is also leading the list of arms suppliers in India.

On 24 September sub-working group (SWG) was set up under the joint working group on defense cooperation which is headed by Indian defense secretary and the Israeli Counterpart. This group’s main objective would be to promote joint ventures. Some of the other objectives of the group would be to transfer innovative material to third world countries and the material would include Artificial intelligence, technology, security and co-production of materials etc.

Israel tops the world when it comes to defense material, cyber security and sensors. To strengthen the existing relation with Israel it was important for India to work together on production projects which would also strengthen the Indian defense Industry further.  Some of the ammunitions and Israeli missiles which India has initiated from Israel are Crystal Maze and Spice-2000 bombs, Python and Derby air missiles etc. Joint Ventures have been formed between Indian companies and Israeli companies like IAI, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Elta Systems. Other deals have also been lined up between India and Israel

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