TikTok files complaint to block US ban.

TikTok, a Chinese based social media company has faced backlash from several countries for a while. On 21st September, Tiktok filed a complaint in the federal court in Washington, DC. This complaint was filed to block the US ban on TikTok. Tiktok requested that the court prevent the enforcement of the ban and declare the ban unconstitutional.

The company stated many reasons to prevent the ban. Tiktok stated that USA was violating their first amendment acts and by prohibiting the usage of the app without giving the plaintiff the opportunity to be heard violates the fifth amendment.

Tiktok further states, the TikTok ban is outside the president’s authority as it is not based on a national emergency and authorizes the prohibition of activities that have not been found to pose “an unusual and extraordinary threat. Lastly, the complaint states that it is also necessary to avoid a constitutional question, because if the ban is supposed to satisfy IEEPA, then it is a direct violation.

In answer to this, US President Donald Trump contracted an executive order on August 6 to sanction and eventually ban TikTok and another Chinese social media platform. The president cited security concerns over censorship and the social media platforms sharing users’ personal information with the Chinese Communist Party. The Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross postponed the ban enforcement from September 20 to September 27.



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