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Disabled people should get special leave without loss of pay

The Union Social Justice and Empowerment Ministry on Thursday said that persons with disabilities (PwD) employed by public sector banks and insurance companies would be given special leave without loss of pay for the duration of the lockdown imposed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing the advisory on Thursday on its official twitter handle the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities of the ministry of social justice and empowerment pointed out that it was on the request of the National Federation of Blind that the department took up the matter with the department of financial services which has issued the advisory making the position clear.

The Department of Financial Services then issued the advisory to all public sector banks and insurance companies on Wednesday asking them to treat the absence of physically challenged employees as special leave.

The main reason for this is trouble faced by many people who travel by public transport. It’s especially hard in the current situation because many workers come from far and don’t have personal vehicles.

However, the DEPwD got to know that the State Bank of India issued a circular which mandates to treat the period of absence from duties in case of employees with disabilities during lockdown as “sick leave”. The DEPwD officials wrote to the department of financial services pointing that since employees with disabilities are exempted from duty during lockdown period, treating absence of such employees as sick leave during this period is not appropriate.

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