There is a “New feminism” in town!

Magazines, Newspapers, social media sites and media have not left any stone unturned when it comes to advocating feminism. They have gone their way ahead in propounding Feminism by trying to reach to each and every nook and corner of the world. But has Feminism in reality taken over every individual’s mindset and has it really created the difference which it proffers to? That is the question of the hour.
We have come across the term Feminism many times and by now we all know that it clearly states that both the sexes that is male and female should be treated equally, one should not be given superiority over the other and that we should do away with all the difference which would lead to any kind of negative reaction between the two sexes.
Feminism as a movement aims for a bias free life, where both the sexes should be exposed to equal opportunities in various spheres be it social, political or even economical spheres, and that one sex should not be suppressed by the other. Through the lens of Feminism, we are trying to carve a world which strives for impartiality and gives equal opportunities to both males and females.
Researchers state that women have been equally responsible in supporting patriarchy and in uplifting the male sex to superiority. Feminism has been advocated and propounded in almost every place but still somewhere it has failed to leave its mark and has been perceived by many as a loop hole, which women are trying to use to showcase superiority and take advantage of their identity.
But over time a new term has emerged from the whirlpool of feminism which according to many individuals seems to be quite realistic as it highlights the actual difference between two sexes, the term which has been the talk of the town is New Feminism, New Feminism states that the biological difference should be taken into account by us, men and women have a great deal of anatomical difference which makes them divergent and the difference should be admired and that women being the child bearers should be appreciated but men and women should be seen as equals as these variations should not become a hindrance for the race towards their equality.
This term has erupted on numerous occasions and has created a controversy in countless situations. Women supporting women is something which we have observed in many scenarios, you have female writers supporting each other or even Bollywood actresses calling out each other for support in bad times, but many people have perceived this to be a trait which women are misusing to gain sympathy.
Women criticising other women on their body structure and looks has brought in a lot of attention. This has also brought in a lot of criticism and a lot of appreciation, as women have been degraded by their own sex when they are seen criticising other women’s bodies, on the other hand, some women have been appreciated for telling other women to “man up” and not cry and cringe about their problems.
New feminists are advocating for Female appreciation that females should be appreciated for the work which they do even with the physical differences. Women who postulate New feminism feel that women should be appreciated in many spheres of life and should be admired for doing certain activities over men. Women should be appreciated for their empathy, modesty and the fact that they are life givers.
Most of the times New feminism has been seen as a trump card which women are using to showcase major biological difference to not only gain sympathy but also to break the equality which individuals are striving between men and women. By advocating New Feminism women are only trying to uplift females and are trying to prove males as the substandard and amateurish gender.
The fight for feminism will continue but will New feminism create a positive impact or negative impact? Will it be able to justify itself before its criticisers ? Will this New Feminism pull back the years of work that went into establishing the original idea? These are the questions that will linger within this fight.



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