Consent to Marry A Life Convict: Madras HC Asks SCW & NCW To Ascertain Whether It Is Voluntary or not?

The Maharashtra high court, in a petition praying for insurance of Writ of Habeas Corpus questioned as to whether the women marrying the life convicts are examined by the state commission for women or nation commission for women to ascertain as to whether the willingness of the marriage or sign of the acceptance of the marriage has been obtained from the women.

The bench comprising of Justice N. Kirubakaran and Justice P. Velmurugan was hearing a petition filed by the wife of the life convict, Mohammed Zubair, who married her and came out on parole in 2007 for 30 days to make arrangements for the livelihood of his family members. The convict was granted the leave without a police escort. However, the petition has been kept pending further orders.

In many cases, women are getting married to the life convicts and this court is unable to find out as to how the consent of the women has been obtained. The rights of women have to be protected.

It is shocking to see that a woman on her own volition giving a consent to marry a convicted person for life. Without husband’s companionship, love and care will amount to a violation of human rights causing a psychological and physiological effect on the lady and will affect her well-being. Regarding the same, the National Commission for Women has already filed their response. The State Commission for Women has sought time. Hence, its response shall be circulated.

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