“Uncalled for, but not contempt: AG KK Venugopal declines consent for contempt against Digvijay Singh over tweets against UP’S SSF”

Attorney general KK Venugopal has failed to grant consent to initiate criminal contempt of court proceedings against Congress Rajya Sabha MP, Digvijay Singh over his tweets criticizing the creation of a special security force by the Uttar Pradesh Government.

The two tweets, posted on 15th September stated that in Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has formed the Special Security Force [ SSF] in which the police can raid someone’s house without any warrant and arrest anyone. The SSF Act, 2020 empowers the UP government to establish a special security force for the better protection of persons, their residential premises and vital and strategic installations belonging to the state. Section 10 of the Act empowers the special security force to arrest any person without an arrest warrant if the person is suspected of having links to any cognisable offence concerning the notified establishments or if the authorities have reasons to believe that he is taking steps to commit such an offence. Section 11 of the Act gives power to the special security force to arrest the person and seize his belongings without a warrant.

The tweet by Digvijay Singh was that does Indian Constitution permits such a law and if the country’s judiciary consider such a law unconstitutional.

Responding to this, Advocate Suman Sudan has initiated the contempt of court. In response to this, the Attorney general KK Venugopal. Said that he is in the receipt of the request made by Sudan in order to take an action for criminal contempt against Digvijay Singh on his twitter. Nonetheless, Attorney general KK Venugopal states that he does not think these tweets attempts to criminal contempt.

The tweets had hurt the sentiments and have the potential to shake the faith of our country. Sudan also stated that these tweets can mislead and misguide and also deviate the public into the state of lawlessness.

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