Covid-19 Nasal tests prove to be dangerous!

The nasal swab test which is crucial in determining the presence of coronavirus in a person’s body has become a pathway to other dangerous diseases. Recently, a woman in the US in her late forties who was tested positive for Covid-19 via a swab test, got her nose punctured which led to
a fluid leak which can lead to serious infections and also put the person’s life at stake.
Many reports state that she had an underlying condition which caused the leak
and she also experienced a headache along with stiffness in her body and light sensitivity. She stated that the nasal test was done inappropriately in comparison to her first test. She had also undergone
a hernia surgery just after getting tested for Covid-19 which made her medical case worse.
Based on a brief analysis, researchers state that the tests are not carried out properly, they are done in a lax manner and proper precautions are not taken. Nasal tests along with oral tests are done vigorously leaving
most people uncomfortable and in utter pain after the test is done. Some of them even feel nauseous after they go through oral testing for Covid-19.

ENT specialist Dennis Kraus from New York stated that “It underscores the necessity of adequate training of those performing the test and the need for vigilance after the test has been performed”.
Authorities along with the testing personnel have been alerted after the woman’s case
and have been told to follow all the protocols along with the required training and to take their time in conducting nasal
and oral tests.
They also stated that people who had a medical history of high blood pressure, high
cholesterol and high blood sugar should be tested appropriately along with the proper background of the person’s medical history so that no harm is done.

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