Municipal Corporation Of Mumbai and Google join hands!

For the first time ever containment zones in Mumbai will be marked on Google maps as the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai(MCGM) also known as BMC and Google will be working together. This will allow users to be aware of the containment zones.
This feature will be available to both android and iOS users. They are highlighted in the map with a grey shade which would alert google map users instantly. This feature will soon be available in other cities as well. And, when “COVID-19 info” is enabled it will alert the users,this was released by google in September 2020. Mr. Sujoy Banerjee who is the product manager at Google maps stated that “the information hub shows critical information about COVID-19 cases in an area so that users can make “more informed decisions about where to go and what to do.”

Currently, for other cities the date has not yet been disclosed. Users need to click the layer button right below the maps to access COVID-19 information. The links to the updated statistics of Covid-19 are displayed once the button is selected. Also other information regarding Covid-19 is available. Google has added many features since June 2020 which has updated its users with the latest news on Covid-19 and the location of the nearest corona virus testing center.

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