Mob attacks on police- “New Found Behaviour Amongst Citizens of disobeying law. Allahabad HC expresses its concern”

Earlier, it was alleged that two young men were asked to stop their two-wheeler for the purpose of a roadside check point by the police. The two men, moved forward and did not stop. This led to an accident where both of them injured themselves. They were sent away for medical assistance. Thereafter, a big congregation assembled, who indulged in protest against the police. They blocked the road. The applicants assaulted the police with sticks and iron rods.

On 8th October, 2020, the Allahabad High Court declined to quash a charge sheet filed against the applicants accused of assaulting the police with sticks and iron rods. The Bench of Justice J.J. Mihir was hearing two applicants, who challenged the proceedings of the case under Section 147, 148, 149 and 323 of IPC.  The submission of the counsel for the applicants was that they were one of the many persons credited with the role of rioting and evidence against them is all made up.

The Allahabad High Court stated that from the papers provided by the police it shows that it is a case which shows new found behaviour amongst citizens of disobeying the law. The court also mentioned that the charge was not true and it has to be tested at the trial. The applicants request to quash the charge sheet is preposterous. There is no abuse of process of court involved in the matter. The applicant was ultimately rejected.


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