Abuse Of Dominant Position By Google

The lockdown has seen rapid growth in the use of video conferencing platforms. In race to capture the market of the virtual video conferencing applications, Google has been unable to capture a large market so far. However it does not stay behind. Google has recently announced its deeper integration between Gmail on mobile and Google meet video conferencing services. 

While some are not satisfied with this integration and many allegations were raised one such allegation was raised by a law student as he filed a complaint stating that Google has abused its dominant position by integrating it video conferencing  application ‘Google Meet’ (Gmail) which is in contravention of Section 4 (2) if the Competition Act 2002.

He further stated that Google has used its dominant position in email services to enter another market of video conferencing. The intention behind the integration is clear Meet wants to faced the market share among other technology giants for the market of virtual video conferencing.

Thus email is textual conversation between two or more parties over internet while video conferencing is real time video conferencing over net. Both the applications serve different purpose and thus the users will not reasonably switch. If the user only want to install meet, it is required Gmail in hence mandating someone to have Gmail in to use meet.

The CCI has asked Google LLC and Google India Digital Services Ltd. To respond within four weeks to the complaint filed by Baglekar Akash Kumar, 5th year law student of Osmania University College of Law, Hyderabad.

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