Sole Testimony Of The Victim If Reliable And Trustworthy, Reiterates Leads To Conviction

One of the main issues, our country is facing is increase in the number of crimes committed against women and children, as when they become victims of these heinous crimes it is difficult for them to express their emotions and demand justice.

Similarly, in this case a sexual assault being committed against the girl and her mother stood up against her. But the girl with courage faced the situation and stated the facts and circumstances of the things happened with her very truly which made the court to believe her even while though she was cross examined thoroughly, she took a firm stand on the statements she gave to the court.

The Supreme Court passed the judgement in case of Ganesan V. State, that the conviction can be based on the ‘Sole Testimony’ of the sexual assault victim if she is found reliable and trustworthy, the SC has reiterated while upholding conviction in POSCO case. Wherein Ganesan was convicted for sexually assaulting a minor girl aged 13 years, and was sentenced three years of rigorous imprisonment.

Before the Apex Court, he contended that the Trial Court committed a grave error in convicting the accused relying upon the sole testimony of the victim. It was pointed out that the mother of the victim did not support the case of the prosecution and even did not support the deposition of the victim. The bench comprising of Justice Ashok Bhushan, MR Shah and R.Subhash Reddy that though the mother of victim turned hostile the victim had fully supported the case of prosecution.

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