Technology Being Misused To Commit Crime Targeting Women


The Allahabad High Court observed that the technology is being misused to commit offence particularly against women. In today’s world where technology is considered to be boon and also makes people’s life easier through various means of digitalization and connection of people through online business transaction and even expanded the course of digital education.

People are totally dependent upon technology, but simultaneously where technology is used for productive purposes by people some people misuse them and their malicious minds never has limit of stopping the exploitation. One such incident took place wherein a boy and girl studying in same college, wherein the boy hacked the girl’s Instagram and Snapchat account and sent obscene and objectionable messages from the girl’s account to other students. The boy also sent dirty and obscene messages to the girl by obtaining her mobile number.

He pressurised her to file complaint against her family members, he also asked her to bring two lakhs rupees. He also threatened her that he will kill her brother, if the information was given to the police and the entire family will be killed. Thus she filed a complaint with police, and the accused boy is in police custody.

The Bench of Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh was hearing the application filed under Section 493 Cr.P.C  seeking bail. The Court  considered the heinousness of offence and involvement of accused as the court did not find any ground to release the accused on bail.

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