Laxity Of Police Authorities In Lodging FIR Of Gang Rape Victim


The Indian Society and its residents always show their utmost faith in law and that they will be granted justice. In today’s world wherein violence committed against women should be stopped and the person doing so should be punished which is the ultimate responsibility of the police officials to help the victim to lodge FIR and start the investigation. But delay in doing so by the police officials is itself shows their incompetence towards their duty as the protector of society.

The Allahabad High Court took detailed view in a incident of detention of a gang rape victim, who was allegedly detained in Police Station, as well as why it took so long to register complaint regarding the said offence after such delay.

The petitioner claimed that she was raped by four persons and she tried to lodge the FIR by was not lodged by officials. She also claimed to have submitted an application to Senior Superintendant of Police Prayagraj highlighting that but despite her best effort the FIR was not registered. Once against she filed an application informing that despite her effort the  FIR was not lodged. Ultimately she approached the court.

The evidence recorded showed the negligence of authorities towards their duties in filing FIR which was done after three months of incident. The court demanded explanation for laxity of the police officials in doing their respective duties. The court also stated considering the facts and matters should be taken seriously. The court directed the SSP and SHO to appear before the court wherein the court will pass further orders regarding the case.

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