Plea In Supreme Court For Uniform Marriage Age

  In our Indian society where people belonging to different culture following different traditions, rituals and habitats consist of various institutions. As a result, these institutions together form a society. Marriage is considered to be most important social institution it is considered to be sacred bond which binds tow families together. In older days, people used to marry their children at an early age which created a lot of imbalance in their lives, as they weren’t mature enough, which ultimately degraded society. But due to modernization and westernization, thoughts, views and ideas of people transformed. As well as various law came into existence which decided a suitable age for marriage for both men and women. The age of marriage for men was 21 and for women it was 18. A plea was filed in Supreme Court seeking transfer of pending petitions before the Rajasthan and Delhi High Court which have been sought to uniform the age of marriage for both men and women. The petitioner stated that the difference in stipulated age of marriage was due to the patriarchal stereotypes and leads to inequality against women and goes completely against the global standards. The petitioner also raises questions about the deprivation of Human Rights. The main reason for this discrimination was due to the customary and all other practices, the superiority and inferiority of either of sexes. The petitioner also prayed for direction to the Central Government to take appropriate steps and make it ‘gender neutral’, ‘religion neutral’ and make uniform marriage age for all citizen of India for both men and women.

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