‘Dacoits Snatched Our Flag’ Remark By Mehbooba Mufti : Police Complaint Filed With Delhi Police.

A police complaint, sent to Shri S.N Shrivastava Commissioner, Delhi Police, has been filed by Vineet Jindal, a Supreme Court lawyer. The complaint was filed against the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti. It opposed the statements allegedly made by her and stated that they were derogatory and inflammatory. She allegedly remarked “dacoits snatched our flag”.

The complainant alleged that Mufti was using offensive, inciting and instigating remarks against the duly elected Indian government. He further believed that the remarks were made with the intention of promoting communal unrest and hatred and waging a war against the duly elected government of India. The letter sent to the Delhi Police, also alleged that she was using her influence and the fact that she was a public personality to promote disharmony. It was also specified that on being asked about the Jammu and Kashmir flag on the desk by reporters, during a press conference, she referred to the flag as “our flag”. She was heard saying “We Will Take Tricolour In Our Hand When We Get Our Flag Back”. Additionally, she also passed an instigating remark saying – ‘I will not raise any flag other than the flag of J&K’.

Allegedly, she intended to present Jammu and Kashmir as a separate entity, independent of the Indian Territory. The letter included allegations regarding her declaration of non-participation in the elections, subject to the reinstating of the Constitution and the state flag of Jammu and Kashmir. Vineet Jindal went on to say that Mufti’s disrespectful statements had injured his pride and that of every lawful citizen.

The letter also highlighted her violation of Section 4 of the ‘Prevention of Insults To National Honour Act’. She was also allegedly liable for offences under Sections 121, 153, 153A, 295, 298, 504, 505 of IPC, governing cognizable offences. Lawyer Vineet Jindal requested the Delhi Police to take strict legal action and lodge an FIR against Mehbooba Mufti.

On Friday, October 23, Mufti had declared that she would only raise the Tricolour upon the restoration of the Jammu & Kashmir flag.

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