Discharge Of Patients Allegedly Held By Hospital Over Non-payment


Since the spread of COVID-19 many hospitals have adopted different tactics to increase their profits and take advantage of this situation by charging the hospital fees exorbitantly. In this pandemic infected people go to hospital for proper treatment and in hope to get themselves cured as their only hope is the doctors who have been in service day and night to serve the patient with appropriate treatment.

The whole world is witnessing the adverse effect of this virus which has been the cause of death of millions of people across the globe. In this situation people only look upon the doctors and hospitals to get necessary treatment, but if the hospitals abuse their powers by keeping a patient hostage just because of non-payment of bill.

The Kerala High Court ordered the hospital accused of not discharging the patient due to non-payment of bill to immediately discharge the patient. In this case before the court a son being admitted to the hospital was receiving treatment from hospital. As a result, due to some financial issues his family weren’t able to pay the hospital bill, dues due to which he was not discharged as the hospital demanded the full payment of the bills left due after which he would be discharged.

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