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Another Hathras: A minor rape victim, murdered by her employers and cremated in a hurry by Police

Following the Hathras rape case that left the entire nation in fumes, a similar incident took place on October 4, a 17-year-old Dalit teenager who was working as a full-time domestic help in Delhi Model Town was found dead at her employer’s house. The owners claimed that she died of suicide, but the victim’s aunt saw torture marks on the minor’s still body.

Four days after the incident, the victim’s father and brother came to identify the body. A post mortem was done and the victim’s body was immediately cremated at night without any further investigation into the matter.

Although the girl worked as a full-time domestic worker in her employer’s house, her dead body was found in the driver’s room.

The victim started working from 26th September and within a week, she called her aunt telling her that she was forced by her employer to sleep in the driver’s room with the driver present. Her employer called the victim’s aunt and warned her that either they take her from there or they will call the police. When her aunt reached the employer’s house, police were already inside. The aunt found her niece standing still in the driver’s room later realizing she was dead.

The cause of death was dismissed as suicide. Despite her aunt’s protests, police are unwilling to register an FIR and probe further into the matter.



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