Bombay High Court Upholds Life Sentence Of Accused Rapists

The crimes against the women are increasing not only particularly in India but throughout the world. Women are always the victims of heinous crimes like rape, murder, sexual assault etc. But the sad reality is that not only women but minor girls fall prey to such crimes. There are many cases of minor girls being raped by man even double their age.

In one case recently the Bombay High Court dismisses an appeal against conviction filed by a 27-year-old man convicted of raping 3-year-old girl, the court observed that the victim at such a tender age cannot be expected to reveal the whole incident that took place and the prosecution has proved the offense against the accused beyond reasonable doubt.

The incident took place is an agricultural field. The victim’s grandmother was owner of dhaba where she worked and the victim girl was playing there, afterwards the victim went home taking with herself with the accused’s phone. The accused told the grandmother that the victim took his phone as the grandmother was busy and she didn’t give much attention.

The accused went behind the girl. After few minutes later when the victim’s grandfather couldn’t find the girl, he informed his wife and both began to look for her. They found the victim weeping next to the field. After the procedures of registering FIR and such the girl later recited the incident to her grandmother. After examining the facts and circumstances of the case the court came to the conclusion that thought the accused sustained no injuries this didn’t mean he is at benefit of doubt and he should be convicted as he betrayed trust of victim and deserves no leniency.

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