Rahul Gandhi Permanently Exempted From Court Appearance

The congress leader Rahul Gandhi while addressing an election rally in Jabapur Madhya Pradesh. He defamed Amit Shah by calling him a “murder accused”. He further stated “ Waah Kya Shaan hai!” . As result a defamation case was filed against him.

The BJP corporator Krishnavadan Brahmabhatt filed a complaint that the slur used by Rahul Gandhi was slanderous as Mr. Shah was discharged in Sohrabuddin Shaikh fake encounter case in 2015. Though in January 2020 when Gandhi appeared before the court and pleaded not guilty, he was granted bail. The lawyer appearing on behalf of Rahul Gandhi stated that it is not possible for Mr. Gandhi to remain present at each and every court proceedings due to his busy schedule, as him being the national leader.

He also urged the court that it will cause him hardship if he is forced to appear at each and every court proceedings. Thus, he should be allowed to appear through his pleader and he should be granted permanent exemption from court appearance in case. Thus, the metropolitan court after examining the ratio of judgements in the earlier cases came to conclusion that the discretion should be exercised in favour of the accused Rahul Gandhi and thus, he was granted permanent exemption from personal appearance before court.

Though it is inappropriate to pass comments and defame someone but the congressmen has been doing these for long period of time as the political tactics adopted by them. Though the exemption is granted by court to Rahul Gandhi the court also mentioned certain rules to be followed by him.


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