“Names Of All Persons Associated with Arogya Setu App Are on Public Domain”

Recently, a controversy was generated by the Central Information Commission, calling out the Central Government authorities for not sharing full information on the ‘Arogya Setu App’. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology then issued a clarification statement as to why penalty of RTI Act should not be imposed on them. The statement said that via the Public-Private-Partnership, all the information regarding the app; its source code, how it works, names of all the management members and update are available in the public domain. World Health Organisation recently has also appreciated the role of Arogya Setu App in helping contain the pandemic in India.

When the spread of COVID-19 started a lot of cases at times were out of capacity. Sometimes people were unable to detect whether they were infected or not as a result of which some of them died even before they could be treated. The virus had different symptoms in different human bodies. People used to panic, even when they catch normal cough or cold then they would visit to the doctor.

The spread of this virus was like wildfire spreading speedily as a result even the doctors and medical official couldn’t easily detect it. Thus, in order to avoid the situation from getting worse, government came with Arogya Setu App. The main purpose of the app was to notify the person when any infected person was near him, provided with a help line, and if a person shows any symptom the app would also advise the further steps to be taken to avoid spread.



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