Bombay High Court orders reinstatement of YouTube 5 links movies


A lot of movies are streaming through many online platform. YouTube being the most used by the people where people can explore a lot of things may it be educational , fitness, movies, songs, trailers, dances, cooking etc. It is medium through which people learn a lot of things as well as it promotes the bloggers to display their work to wide range of people.

As per the YouTube policy if any content is uploaded on YouTube which infringes the copyright of person, then such person can issue copyright take down notice on the infringing video/link. Accordingly a counter notification can be issued by the publisher of vide/clip in response to the notice asserting that it purported right to publish such video /clip.

Though the YouTube gives a time frame of 14-15 days to issuer of copyright takedown to provide the evidence that they took legal action against the publisher of video/clip to prevent the reinstatement of videos. If YouTube doesn’t receive response from the publisher penalities are imposed. A suit was field before the Hon’ble Bombay High Court for reinstatement of the Youtube links of the films “Ustadon ke Ustad”, “Soutela”, “Namak”, “Khopdi” and “Bijli” on the youtube channel NH Studioz owned by M/s Narendra Hirawat & Co. The Hon’ble court passed the order allowing the reinstatement of the link on the plantiff’s YouTube channel and not to disable plantiff’s YouTube channel and share the account statement on plantiff’s YouTube channel with defendant.

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