Doctors’ end strike after their voices have finally been heard

Doctors of North Delhi Municipal Corporation have been on strike since Tuesday 27th October 2020, and over 1000 doctors participated. These doctors haven’t been paid their salary for the last 4 months.

Before this, 5 resident doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital have been on strike since last Friday.

Not paying the salaries that are due has been a frequent problem in North MCD hospitals. Despite the strike held by the doctors, some are still present at the hospital treating COVID-19 patients.

IMA (Indian Medical Association) has recently put forth a press release entitled ‘Banana Republic’, criticising the lawless state of the Hindu Rao hospital administrative staff. The association has designated the problem with non-payment of doctors’ salaries as the result of systemic failure.

Supreme Court has initiated a Suo Motu court proceedings against Hindu Rao Hospital’s administration. The apex court has also directed that the salaries of doctors need to be paid on time.

The strike finally ended on 29th October when North Delhi mayor Jai Prakash offered juice to the doctors who were on a hunger strike since Tuesday. The Mayor has promised them that their pending salaries over the last four months will be given shortly.

Previously, the doctors have threatened to hold an indefinite strike but now the situation has been assuaged due to the mayor’s promise.

Doctors have been grateful for the media’s support and the important role they played in bringing this critical issue to the attention of the masses and have been performing their duties regardless of their payment. It is high time that the officials in charge do the same.

In these troubling times, when doctors have become frontline workers in the fight against COVID – 19, it is inhumane that their salaries be withheld. Many doctors have sacrificed their lives since the beginning of the pandemic and many more are still doing so. Despite this, if their families don’t have the livelihood to survive then that is a grave injustice.

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