Mosque Hafiz That Was Alleged To Have Molested 9 Year Old Girl, Denied Bail.

In a recent order, the High Court of Allahabad denied the request for release made on the behalf of the Hafiz (Priest) in question. The Hafiz of a mosque was alleged to have sexually molested a minor girl. The victim was 9 years old.

An application requesting the releasing of the accused ( referred to as the applicant ) on bail in Case Crime No. 0175 of this year, was registered before the Bench of Justice Neeraj Tiwari. The accused was booked under
Sections 9/10 POSCO Act and Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code at the Bhuta Police Station in the District of Bareilly.

The applicants counsel argued that the Hafiz had been accused falsely of the crime in question and was innocent. It was also argued that the accused was a young man and that the purpose of this false implication was to ruin the Hafiz’s career. The counsel pointed out the nonexistence of any criminal history on the accused’s record and highlighted that he had been languishing in prison since the 25th of June, 2020. The application for release on bail was profusely opposed by the A.G.A. who appeared on behalf of the State of Uttar Pradesh. He stated that no evidence pointed to the accusation being malicious with an intent to ruin the career of the Hafiz.

He stated that the accused worked in a Mosque as a Hafiz and referred to his crime of molesting a 9 year old girl as a heinous crime against society. Taking into consideration the gravity of the alleged crime, the facts before the court, the nature of the allegations, and the severity of the sentence in case the verdict leads to the accused’s conviction, the Court did not find adequate grounds for releasing the applicant. Hence, the request for release on bail is not granted.

The Court did, however, instruct the trial court to take maximum efforts to conduct the trail proceedings expeditiously, and conclude them within a period of 6 months, calculated from the date of production of the certified copy of the judgement.

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