Madras High Court suggests death penalty for corruption

In country like India a lot of malpractices are practised by people one of them is corruption. It is form of dishonesty or criminal offence which is undertaken by the person or organization entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse of power for one’s private gain. Corruption in itself include various activities including bribery and embezzlement and which is against public policy and illegal.
It ranges from small to big favours and is considered as crime, for which heavy punishment must be imposed. Recently Madras High Court opined that Central Government should consider imposing death penalty as a punishment for corrupt practices as done in foreign jurisdiction like China, North Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and Morocco. Corruption has become deep rooted and spread like cancer.
Every day it is reported in media that many officials are caught red handed, while taking bribes. Hence, strict punishment needs to be enhanced was the reason stated by the Bench. The court hearing PIL wherein certain shortcomings in procurement centres, including demand of bribe by certain officers. The media reports also disclosed the inspection procurement centre and large sums of money was seized. The court took note of recommendation made by Administrative Reforms Committee to ensure the corruption free and transparent administration. The court also stated the delegation fo power and fixing of accountability on every government servant at every stage and every level. The court asked the State Agriculture Department to file a reprt and action taken by the government in this regard.

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