Defamation Complaint Lodged By Javed Akhtar Against Actress Kangana Ranaut For Including Him In Sushant Singh Rajput Case.

Javed Akhtar, prominent Bollywood poet and lyricist, has registered a criminal complaint incriminating Kangana Ranaut. She allegedly passed comments that implicated him and involved him in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The complaint accuses the actress of unnecessarily dragging the complainant’s name into the case. The complaint was registered before the Andheri Metropolitan Magistrate Court. It was filed under Indian Penal Code’s Section 499, that deals with defamation, Section 500, dealing with the possible punishments for defamation and Section 200 of the Code of
Criminal Procedure
, dealing with examination of complainant.

The complaint alleges that Kangana Ranaut accused the Bollywood film industry of being run by Mahesh Bhatt, whom she termed ‘a mafia’ and Javed Akhtar, who she referred to as someone who is a part of this said ‘mafia’. She made these allegations during an interview with Republic TV. The actress allegedly went on to call the complainant a ‘so-called atheist’ and made statements that indicated that the intention of the group she referred to, was to keep a check on whether people were Islam friendly or not.

Javed Akhtar has also submitted that his reputation and image were injured as the interview video has been viewed by millions of people on the YouTube streaming platform alone. The complaint is going to be heard on 3rd December. The counsel for the complainant, Advocate Niranjan Mundargi, when approached, did not reveal any further details regarding the case.

Numerous cases have been registered against Kangana Ranaut recently. The 33-year-old actress’ tweets and posts on social media platforms have come under fire for being
offensive and derogatory. Last month, an FIR had been filed against Kangana, on
the orders for a Bandra 
Court. She was accused of propagating communal disharmony
between Hindus and Muslims.

Additionally, two cases were filed against her, by a lawyer from Mumbai, for offensive tweets about the judiciary. The Andheri Court ordered an investigation into the allegations against the actress and her sister, Rangoli Chandel. Additionally, a FIR was filed by the order of a Karnataka Court against her for her tweets against farmer’s protests.

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