Mere insult of person is not an offence if belonging to Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe

Recently the Supreme Court has observed that the offence under Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribe act is not established merely on the fact that the informant is a member of Schedule caste and Schedule tribe unless there is an intention to humiliate a member of schedule caste or schedule tribe for reason that the victim belongs to such caste.
India is a democratic country people live in peace and harmony but that does not give them any authority to abuse or defame other people or to insult them. It was stated by the provisions of act that all insults or intimidations to the person will not be an offence under the act unless such insults or intimidation is on account of victim belonging to schedule caste or schedule tribe. Though the main object of the act was to improve socio-economic conditions of schedule caste and schedule tribe as they are denied number of civil rights.
An offence under the act would be made out when a member of the vulnerable section of society is subjected to indignities, humiliations and harassments. Every citizen has right to avail their remedies in accordance with the law. The bench noted that the allegations of abusing the informant were within four walls of her building and that the informant has no case that there was any public member at the time of incident took place. While partly quashing the charge sheet, the bench stated that the property disputes between vulnerable section of society and person of upper caste will not disclose any offence under the act unless, the allegation are on account of victim being schedule caste.

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