POSCO convict non entitled to emergency in covid-19

Since the pandemic started spreading like rage of fire in different countries the risk of it affecting large number of people increased. Lot of measures were taken to avoid its community transmission people were almost banned from forming groups and coming together.
While the situation in jails where in number of criminals stay together even many jailers were infected and the risk of the virus getting spread among the convicts also increased, so as a result of this a lot of convicts those whose punishment was about to be over were granted and many criminals were even released. But recently the full bench of Bombay High Court has held that a prisoner convicted under the Protection Of Children from Sexual Offences Act is not entitled to benefit of emergency(COVID-19) parole as per government notification.
A petition was filed to release the prisoner convicted under the POSCO act for emergency. Though according to law the prisoners who are considered to be dangerous or have been involved in serious violence and who are convicted under the Special acts like Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act 1985, rape are not entitled to such benefit was stated in case of Sardar s/o. Shawali Khan V The State of Maharashtra. Finally the full bench held the decision in Sardar s/o. Shawali Khan V The State of Maharashtra which dealt with the offences punishable under TADA where the convict was not allowed the benefit of emergency parole. The Bench adopted the interpretation of the said case and as a result of which the POSCO convict wasn’t entitled to emergency parole.

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