Regulation regime needed using disinfectants, fumigation, UV rays on human beings

Since the beginning of pandemic various safety measures are adopted by the government bodies to avoid spread which includes spraying of disinfectants organic/chemical on human body which though prevents them from getting infected with diseases. Though this system is effective by simultaneously it may harm the human skin and can have adverse effects too.
Though the use of disinfectants on human body may be harmful to both their health and body. Recently the Supreme Court observed that there has to be a regulatory regime for the use of disinfectants, fumigation or UV rays on the human body. It was indicated that 0.02 percent to 0.05 percent weight concentration did not show an adverse effect on normal skin flora and yet destroyed standard microbes.
The petitioner stated that the concept of “human disinfection” though walk-in tunnel is flawed and misconceived and not permitted in light of Right to Health under Article 21 of constitution. Though various contentions were laid by different committed stating that spreading of disinfectants was harmful on human body and has adverse effects. The court came to the conclusion that the provisions of the Disaster Management confer certain responsibilities and duties. When public authorities and organisation are using disinfectants both chemical organic and there are various studies which shows it is harmful. Some more actions were required to move cloud of uncertainty and to regulate or prevent the use so that health of citizen is amply protected.

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