Adoption of physical violence by CGST officials during, search investigation is improper

The government officials are the ones who help the public in any documentation work also while the government officials are engaged in search or investigation or interrogation against are particular person cannot misuse the power entitled to them. They are not allowed to use any kind of physical force expect the reasonable force on for carrying out their duties.
The Telangana High Court has observed that the officials belonging to GST Intelligence Department cannot resort to physical violence while against person they suspect of being guilty of tax evasion. A writ petition was filed by director of company and his relatives alleging that the officials while conducting raid physically assaulted them. The department denied these allegations and submitted before the court that it was the petitioners and their employees who had obstructed the search operations and allegedly assaulted, to out patient discharge advice of hospital given after treatment of one of petitioners.
The court observed that the officials cannot claim any liberty to torture or use physical violence during the course of search. The no provision of laws stated that the respondent is entitled to use physical violence against person they suspect of being guilty of tax evasion while discharging their duties under CGST Act 2017. Merely because the authorities under the CGST Act are not treated as police officials they cannot claim any immunity if they indulge in acts of physical violence by officials against petitioner cannot be ruled out, and also the petitioner and its employees would also be examined.

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