Parties In Person And AoRs, Warned By Supreme Court Not To Share Links/Screens Of Court Video Conferences Without Permission.

On November 7, a notice has been issued, by the Apex Court, that cautions parties in person and Advocates on Record against forwarding links and screens of Video Conferencing without authorisation from the Supreme Court. The Apex registry has issued this notice. It clarifies that only two appearance links and one viewing link, per litigating party, shall be allowed.

 The standard operating procedure, set by the Supreme Court, was violated as the Advocates-on-Record had shared the Video Conferencing links with more advocates than the allowed number. These links were given to them to appear before the Court during the course of the hearing. The circular stated that sharing these links without permission hinders the Court’s smooth functioning. On violating the given Standard Operating Procedure, Advocates-on-Records and parties in person will be prohibited from addressing the Supreme Court. Failure to adhere to these directions will result in a disallowance of their video and audio access to the proceedings.

The party-in-person/advocate-on-record or any other related person responsible for attempting to breach or violate the procedure reiterated by the circular, in the future, may be subjected to stringent consequences. The above clarifications were made in the circular.

Dated 4th July, 2020, the circular reiterates the necessity of appropriate Court allowance for any sharing of links regarding virtual case proceedings being conducted in the Video Conferencing Mode.  Any unauthorized forwarding of links/screens will be in direct violation of the Standard Operating Procedure. 

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