Gujarat High Court quashes sedition case against journalist

In a case the petitioner Dhaval Rajnikant Patel working as journalists allegedly published an article in web portal called “Face of Nation” where he stated that looking to the failure of the Honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat he is likely to be replaced. He also named the replacing Honourable Chief Minister which led to filing a complaint against him by CID crime.
The court upon hearing the advocates for parties and considering the submissions advanced by the counsel for petitioner, the court was of the view since the journalist being young and new to the profession, the petitioner had tendered apology and the court was satisfied with the apology tendered by the petitioner. The journalists was charged with sedition and punishment for false warning and also for trying to created unrest in society for allegedly writing and publishing the report.
Though every citizen has right to voice his/her opinion freely and criticize the functions of government as noted by Punjab and Haryana High Court. The Uttarakhand High Court granted interim bail to journalist. But the Gujarat High Court quashed a sedition case against Journalist Dhaval Rajnikant Patel for allegedly publishing a report on possible change in state of leadership due to criticism over rising number of covid-19 cases in state. It is stated that journalism is an art which creates interaction between the journalist and leader to understand the writings and his ideas regarding the happening around the globe on different topics. But it shouldn’t be use for any bad purposes.

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