Punjab Government withdraws general consent granted to CBI

The Punjab Government held that the powers conferred by S.6 of the Delhi Police Establishment Act 1946 the government of Punjab withdraws the general consent accorded to the members of Delhi Special Police Establishment in view of revocation of all previous general consent issued earlier, prior consent of the Punjab Government shall be required here after on a case to case basis for investigation.
Section 6 of Delhi Special Police Establishment provides that the member of Delhi Special Police Establishment cannot exercise powers and jurisdiction under the act in any area in and State without the consent of government of that State. Previously the Kerala government withdraws the general consent granted to CBI, the government of Maharashtra also had withdrawn the general consent last month, the Rajasthan government had withdrawn general consent accorded to Central Bureau of Investigation. Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal had withdrawn their general consent in 2018 itself.
The Punjab Government had earlier withdrawn consent from CBI for investigating the 2015 sacrilege incidents there after the State assembly passed a resolution in this regard in 2018. Later it handed over the probe into the incidents of desecration of religious texts to the special investigation team of Punjab Police. It is the duty of CBI to assist the government officials in analysing the depth of the crime and investigate the matter so that justice could be served and to set and example that the crime against society or government will lead to sever punishment, though this is the duty of CBI but it is incapable of doing so.

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