Allahabad High Court directs UP government to improve condition of Basti District Jail

Though the prisoners are the ones isolated form society in order to prevent them from having unlawful influence and to prevent them from spreading criminal conspiracies in society. A report from Vinay Kumar Jaiswal Secretary, District Legal Services Authority, Basti pertaining to his inspection of District Jail, Basti was received by the Administrative Judge, District Judgeship Basti.
The Administrative Judge forwarded the same to the Chief Justice place the report before the Bench having roaster to hear public interests’ litigation. It was stated in the report that lack of hygiene cleanliness, medical facility, infrastructural issues and the issues relating to vocational training. The parole applications submitted by the inmate too, take much time in their disposal. No library facility is available at the prison and no material is made available for executing literacy and educating programs.
Even most of the CCTV cameras are also non-functional. The prisoners suffering from corona virus infection are kept in a separate building, but no corona virus protocol is adhered to within Jail premises. Prisons are place for reformation wherein the prisoners are given an opportunity to reform themselves. The courts concluded by saying even prisoners too have human right. It directed the state to take all necessary steps to satisfy the deficiencies pointed out. It also ordered that appropriate and remedies action be taken forthwith. Allahabad High Court directed the State Government to take appropriate and remedial action to improve the condition of the Basti district jail.

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