Advocate Alleged to Have Forged Amit Shah’s Signature Refused Bail By Delhi High Court.

The accused advocate was implicated in allegations that stated that he forged the signatures of the BJP political party leaders in order to be appointed as a Special Public Prosecutor.

In the case of State vs Rakesh Kumar Awasthi, recently, a Delhi Court recently rejected a bail application for an advocate who was alleged to have forged the signatures of Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister and Yogi Adityanath, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister in order to promote his appointment as a Narcotics Control Bureau Special Public Prosecutor.

This order was given by the Metropolitan Magistrate Ashwani Panwar of the Patiala House Court. Advocate Rakesh Kumar Awasthi, the accused, requested bail on the groups that he was a practising lawyer that had good antecedents.

He argued that he had been wrongly accused in the case that he did not have a part in preparing any altered or forged documents with the BJP leader’s signatures. However, the prosecution claims that the accused advocate had been involved in a similar crime in the past and hence, opposed the granting of bail to the same.

Considering the submissions put forth before it, the Court has observed that the bail applicant does not deserve any leniency keeping in mind the gravity of the alleged offences. The accused stating that he has been a legal practitioner since 1991, does not suffice as justifiable grounds for bail due to the serious forgery allegations that have been levelled against the accused advocate.

Considering the above, bail application was dismissed by the High Court.

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