You tuber asked actor Akshay Kumar to withdraw 500 crore defamation notice

Recently Rizwan Siddique, 25-year-old You Tuber was served a defamation notice of Rs.500 crore by Actor Akshay Kumar for posting content making allegations relating to Kumar in the Sushant Singh Rajput case. Denying all the allegations asking the actor to withdraw the said notice stated that it is based on flawed promise.
The You Tuber defended himself by stating that the content which was posted in his channel against the actor was already all over the public domain and posted on other You Tube channels also. The Advocate JP Jayswal appearing for you tuber stated that, the You tuber has posted videos form other channels believing it to be true. It was also stated that the you tuber also had list of website containing similar content and he posted the videos based on rumour’s. Further Arguing it was also stated that the opposing counsel’s client had faced severe backlash after interviewing and influential politician whereby thousands of people made personal remarks against the actor.
“What made him selectively chose the you tuber to saddle the blame of defamation?” was question posed by the advocate appearing for you tuber. He further stated that the claim of Rs.500 crores was just a publicity gimmick without any proof. The damage of Rs.500 crore was absurd and unwarranted and was made with the client to pressurize the You tuber was the opinion of JP Jayswal. The you tuber was portrayed as innocent by stating that he posted the videos without knowledge and by believing on other you tube channel videos.

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