Prior Information to District Magistrate about conversions for marriage given by religious priest

A Division Bench comprising of Justice Alok Kumar Verma and Sudhanshu Dhulia directed. Thus while granting police protection to inter-religious couples in two cases. Marriage is considered to be important institution of society. It is a sacred bond which ties two families together and leads to procreation of children. Each and every individual has right to choose their own partner without any obligation imposed by any one.
The one case, a Hindu girl had converted to Islam and in other case, a Muslim girl had converted to Hinduism. Objecting to their plea, the state counsel submitted that there was clear violation of Uttarakhand Freedom of Religion Act, 2018, where prior to such conversion, an application has to be moved before concerned district Magistrate which has presently not been done. It is necessary under to convert religion a declaration in advance prior one month at least in a prescribed form should be given to District Magistrate or Executive Magistrate. Even the priests performing religious ceremony of conversion shall give notice of it to District Magistrate.
Recently the Allahabad High Court declared as bad law the judgement which had held that religious conversions only for sake of marriage are invalid. Thus the Uttrakhand High Court directed the district magistrate to conduct detail inquiry under Uttrakhand Freedom of Religion Act 2018 which mandate religious priests to give prior intimation of conversion to District Magistrate. The law states that prior information of conversion should be notified.

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