“Conversion for the purpose of marriage only” is not appropriate law

Among various institution which are necessary for formation of society marriage is considered to be most important institution which leads to procreation of children. It is considered to be sacred bond which ties people of two families. The Constitution of India also lays down laws for marriage of people belonging to different religion that it grants right to choose partner of choice and is a fundamental right.
Recently a writ petition was filed, seeking a direction for the respondent, not to arrest the petitioners. The couple (Salamat Ansari and Priyanka Kharwar) is of the age of majority, competent to contract a marriage performed Nikah on 19/08/2019 as per Muslim rites and rituals, after Priyanka Kharwar renounced her Hindu identity and embraced Islam. It was also noted that the couple were living peacefully and happily together as husband wife since on year. The FIR was lodged by father of Priyanka Kharwar was prompted by malice and mischief only with a view to bring an end of martial ties, no offences are made out, FIR can be quashed.
The court observed that Priyanka Kharwar’s ae was not in dispute as she was 21. After hearing the arguments the court came to conclusion that the FIR will be quashed. Neither any individual nor a family nor even the state can have objection to the relationship of two major individuals who out of their own free will are living together. Every person has right to choose their own partner and no obligation can be imposed on the even by the law.

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