“Farm Bills Detrimental To Legal Profession”; Bar Council of Delhi Writes to PM Narendra Modi

A letter was written to the Prime Minister by the Bar Council of India stating that the “Bar of Civil Court Jurisdiction” will be detrimental to the interest of legal professions. A request was made in the letter for a withdrawal of the 3 legislations related to the farmers and to give audience to the leaders of the farmers so that a solution can be reached. These legislations are also known as the Farm Bills. The vast nature of the letter will cause an effect to the District Courts and the High Courts. This is because it’s vast nature will lead to the matter being adjudicated by SDMs/ADMs instead. The letter mentions that this may cause major damage to the Courts especially the District Courts and cause a feeling of being uprooted among the lawyers. This was stated in reference to the Constitutional provision for Separation of Judiciary. The transfer of power from the Civil Courts to the Executive authorities may give rise to corruption. Furthermore, it was emphasized on the letter that this will also prove to be disastrous for the cause of the lawyers and the litigants. The letter also points out that as the right to protest in a universal right, the farmers are understandably protesting against these laws. The letter explains giving judicial powers to the executive as “dangerous and a blunder”. Due to this situation the laws were withdrawn by the Prime Minister and an audience was set up with the farmer leaders so an amicable solution with the appropriate legislations can be passed to ensure the welfare and upliftment of the farmers.

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