MJ Akbar Aware of Other Tweets Also, But Singled Me Out for Complaint: Priya Ramani To Delhi Court

Former BJP leader MJ Akbar against whom women had come out against during the ‘Me Too’ movement singled out Journalist Priya Ramani’s complaint and filed a suit of defamation. Saba Naqvi, Harinder Baweja, Anju Bharti, Suparna Sharma and others responded to Ramani’s tweet. Referring to these tweets Ramani’s Advocate replied to the Court’s question of him making a complaint against the other as “No, he has only picked out Ramani, even though he admits he was aware of others also.”. In 2017 Ramani gave an article in Vogue but no-one was name but in 2018 when she tweeted about the incident, attached to the tweet was the Vogue article. It was cleared that despite of how Akbar had made it look the whole article wasn’t about him. She stated that only the first four paras were related to Akbar the latter ones referred to male bosses in general. John continued talking about the article and went ahead to say that the portions of the article in inverted commas were from articles written in America by American authors and had nothing to do with Akbar. John stated that he had agreed to sharing a consensual relationship with Pallavi Gogoi which ended on a bad note and also refused the Akbar’s claim of “sterling reputation”. Commenting on his relationship with Pallavi, his wife said that Pallavi’s flaunting of the relationship had adverse effects on his family life. Through this John stated that this behaviour does not amount to a man with a sterling reputation. Finally referring to Ramani’s statement she said that Ramani was called to his hotel room under the pretext of an interview and was asked personal questions such as whether she had a boyfriend, was she married, offered her an alcoholic beverage, and asked her no job-related questions. The next date of the hearing is 10th December.

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