SC Directs All State Standing Counsel To Consider ‘Convenience Note’ Submitted By Adv Sumeer Sodhi As Standard Format To Present Cases On Behalf of State

Advocate Sumeer Sodhi was wildly appreciated by the Supreme Court bench. This advocate had made ‘convenience notes’ which was a part of the case presented on behalf of the state in front on a Supreme Court bench, headed by Justice Uday Umesh Lalit. The other two judges who were a part of the bench were Justice Vineet Saran and Justice Ravindra Bhat. criminal appeal preferred by the accused in a murder case, Advocate Sumeer Sodhi appeared on behalf of the State of Chattisgarh. One of his ‘convenience note’ consisted a brief description of the details of the FIR accused persons, history of proceedings and also the legal submissions on behalf of the state which was submitted to the courts. This particular convenience note was included in the Court’s judgment. The appeal filed by the accused was allowed. Special remarks were made by the bench about this format of presentation by the Advocate. They went ahead to mention that it should be included in being a standard form of presentation by the learned counsel appearing on behalf of the State in the Court. The Registry was directed to circulate copies of this Order to all the Standing Counsel of the State by the Court. The appellants main contention was on that the appeals of the other four accused in this particular case were allowed in an earlier judgment by the Supreme Court. The Court said that it is satisfied that the role attributed to the present appellants was not in any way different from that attributed to the other four acquitted accused.

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