Circulation Of Objectionable Videos – “Young Girls Facing Menace; Duty Of Govt. To Check Misuse Of Social Media”: Orissa High Court

Circulation of objectionable videos has become a grave problem for young people, especially young girls. On 8th December which was a Tuesday it was observed that permission for such misuse of the social media should not be given and it was the duty of the State Government to over look this by the Orissa High Court. A father who alleged that his daughter had been abducted filed this petition for a habeas corpus case which was heard by a Bench of Justice S. K. Mishra and Justice Savitri Ratho. The petitioner’s daughter had been rescued but the Court was informed that the youth who had kidnapped her was harassing her by circulation question videos on social media platforms. The Jagatpur Police Station did not lodge her FIR when she had tried to file it. This was submitted to the Court. After a complaint is filed if a prima facie cognizable case is made out, the police should register the FIR as early as possible and should investigate into the allegations and no time should be wasted, this was stated by the Court. The Court also directed the police station to look into the FIR filed by the victim and stated that in the a cognizable case and that this particular case must be registered if not already done and that steps must be taken in the right direction to investigate into the matter and have more information. Some of the related news to this particular matter include a few cases from Allahabad, Delhi and Madras High Courts.

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