“How Much Cost Should We Impose?” CJI Bobde Pulls Up Lawyer For Making Unjustified Allegation Against A Former Judge Of Bombay HC

On 15th December, S.A Bobde who is the Chief Justice of India (CJI) gave his reaction on the topic of allegations against the judges of higher judiciary which were unjustified. He was very unhappy and displeased with such allegations. The counsel for a case had accused that allegedly a Bombay High Court judge who was now retired had appeared before the trial court in the case post his retirement. This case was heard by a Bench headed by the Chief Justice of India. He exclaimed at this claim and asked the advocate to show the Bench, the appearance of a High Court judge in a trial post his retirement. He also issued a warning to the counsel that if the statement is incorrect she will endure heavy costs imposed by the Bench. At last, clarification was offered by the counsel that the said judge had advanced consultation under which another advocate had appeared before the court. To this the Chief Justice of India rhetorically asked if there is no difference between Chamber practice and appearing before the court. He also went ahead to criticize and ask the counsel that even after being an Advocate, she doesn’t know the difference between these two. The Chief justice of India then asked how much cost should be imposed upon the counsel for this sort of mistake. He also observed sternly that they have listen to absurd arguments and allegations against former and respectable High Court judges. Ultimately the petition was dismissed and when the counsel advanced that the matter in she was appearing was a legal aid matter no costs were imposed on her.

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