PIL filed in Delhi High Court seeking removal of protesters from roads and deployment of paramilitary

In the case of Dhananjai Jain Vs Union of Indian which was presented in front of Delhi High Court, a public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed for the removal of people sitting on roads “under the garb of Kisan Agitation”. The petitioner, Dhananjai Jain, has claimed that he was left “aghast” by the unprecedented developments in various parts of Delhi, including Red Fort on Republic Day. Since 26th January various agitations have been continuously taking place on the Delhi border for about two months now. As the farmers reached the interiors of Delhi with weapons, hockey sticks, swords and other assault weapons, it is said that their protest took a violent and disturbing turn. The life of the capital has been brought to a stand still and the peace, tranquility, law and order has been immensely disturbed. An agitation must be democratic and civilized rather than violent. This was the assertion made by the petitioner. He also commented on the state of the Delhi police and described them as being helpless, chased and threatened. The PIL stated that besides the efforts of the police a national monument was captured by the agitators and the National flag was humiliated by hoisting a flag of the protestors. The petitioner called the Commissioner of the Delhi Police incompetent and also prayed for the deployment of para military forces and for the removal of the Commissioner for not executing the given duties in a successful manner. The petition has been filed through Advocate Bhoop Singh.

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