Protester throws motor oil on Kerala High Court Judge’s car; Lawyer writes to Registrar General calling for deployment of CAF at High Court

Concerns about the security of the judges were raised due to a recent incident of a protester throwing motor oil at a Kerala High Court Judge’s official car on Wednesday morning while she was en route to the Court. Justice V Shircy’s official car was the car in question and the protester was earlier seen holding placards in protest before the High Court. Jasna Maria James, a student went missing from Kanjirapally, Kerala under mysterious circumstances in 2018. A habeas corpus was filed in this matter and the protest outside the High Court was a response to the delay in the disposal of this case. The protester was nabbed by the Judge’s security and then reportedly handed over to the Central police station located near the High Court. Advocate Joseph Rony Jose addressed a letter to the Kerala High Court’s Registrar General, raising concerns over the state of High Court security. Thedeployment of Central Armed Forces (CAF) for the security of the High Court and the judges in the interest of safety and protection of judges was suggested by Jose in the letter. It was also mentioned that the Kerala High Court is weak when compared to other High Courts in the country. If no positive action was taken in this case, Advocate Jose would approach the Supreme Court.

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