Article 356: Plea in Supreme Court for President’s Rule in West Bengal

In the fallout of West Bengal’s assembly elections, a plea was brought before the Supreme Court urging the President’s rule, mobilization of central troops, and scrutiny into the targeted massacre under Article 356 of the Indian Constitution by a former Supreme Court judge.

Gaurav Bhatia, a renowned counsel, and the BJP’s national spokesman, has approached the Supreme Court for a CBI examination regarding brutal situations in the state after and during the election.

In the context of the social unrest and perturbation of national security in the aftermath of the assembly election, the Tamil Nadu-based Indic Collective Trust has filed a formal petition through lawyer Suvidutt M S.

TMC-backed goons, according to the BJP, have endangered the lives of its employees, molested its female members, demolished residences, plundered party members’ stores, and stormed party offices.

According to the petition, the culprits of the massacre of 16 BJP workers and supporters are TMC goons, and numerous executions have transpired at the behest and instigation of those in authority, including Chief Minister Mamta Banarjee.

The State government has been summoned to respond to a petition for a CBI investigative process into the killing of two BJP activists, by a Vacation Bench of the Supreme Court. A further trial in that case, had been slated on May 25 by the Bench. 

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